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Apple Shooter 2

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apple_shooterApple Shooter 2 is second version of the original game and has become more interesting than before. Out of the many things which are different, the most noticeable is that now you would play with a beautiful lady rather than a male assistant. Apple Shooter 2 is a popular archery game. The rules are simple and easy to follow. The overview of the game is that you can use arrows and bows and using them you have to hit the apple that is present on the head of your friend. The player's mission is to grab a bow and aim at an apple on a pretty lady's head. You really have to be careful while playing this game as your friend is quite sensitive. You are required to release the arrow and hit the red apple without hitting the girl or she suffers a bloody and tragic death and this mistake will terminate the game immediately. You can hurt your friend very easily. The trick is to focus and accurately aim at the apple before you shoot. Once you hit the target, you win and go to the next level. It becomes more challenging as you move to different levels because you take a step farther from your target with every win. To talk about levels, once you hit the apple, you get transferred to the next level. One thing to note here is that with each level, the game gets interesting and exciting. The controls of the game are also very easy and can be learnt by anyone. One thing is for sure, that you would absolutely love Apple Shooter 2 game and would easily get addicted to it. But it's also a pleasurable and effective way of stimulating your mind when you're bored or during leisure time.

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